Gallery 26 - Fine Arts in All Mediums
APRIL 2014


Once a week for 4 weeks on Saturday mornings - Instructor is LINDA KEMP. This class has a 5 student limit, please apply early. FEE: $80.00 for all 4 classes. Linda will offer step-by-step instruction on the Tiffany copper foil technique, pattern preparation, glass selection, glass cutting, soldering, and finishing your project. Students may use her tools. Glass and supplies are not included. Students are assured plenty of personalized attention. The goal is for each student to gain an understanding of the skills involved, enabling them to leave class with all the knowledge needed to create their own exceptional and well-made works of stained glass art.

Once a week for 4 weeks on Monday Afternoon's - Instructor is PATRICK RAUSCH. The classes are limited to 10 students, apply early to be assured a spot.FEE: $80.00 for all 4 classes. For the first class, Partick will begin painting in front of the class. This will include a demonstration showing how to begin an oil painting. Also discussed will be a discussion on elements that make a painting more pleasing to the eye(composition), the mixing of colors, drawing(how to transfer your image to the canvas) and basic brush technique. Each additional class will begin with a painting demonstration where the instructor will take the same painting to the next level. The remainder of the class time will be spent with the art group painting, with the instructor available to answer questions and help with problems. You can bring a photo that you would like to paint, a painting already started, or paint the same photo as the instructor. The first class will be a Florida Landscape.

Who we are

At Gallery 26 we are local artists and fine craftsmen who have gathered together to form a co-operative venture. It is one in which we encourage each other to be our creative and artistic best by sharing and working together. We offer one of a kind items in Fine Art, Pottery, Wood Carvings, Handmade Wood furniture, Jewerly, Found Objects Art, Glass Works, and Needle Crafts. ART, MUSIC & CREATIVITY are here in abundance. We also provide workshops for children and adults teaching others how to use their creataive ability. We have a Christmas celebration for our local ARC guest with stories, gifts, and Santa. We welcome you to come by for a visit and we are always looking for volunteers to share any skills they possess.

Mission Statement

The Gallery exists to serve its members and give them the opportunity to provide a venue to meet, prepare, and exhibit art works in order to promote a friendly and inspiring atmosphere within the community for those interested in the creation, development, and appreciation of the arts in surrounding communities; therefore strenthening the community culturally and economically while fostering the arts.

Hours of Operation

Friday, Saturday: & Sunday 11:00 to 5:00 pm
Monday: 10am to 2:00pm

PH: 352-475-2924

LOCATION: 303 State Road 26, Melrose, FL